Mesinkw Collection: Embrace the Power of Lenapehoking

Experience the Spirit of Mesinkw

Discover the Guardian Spirit of Lenapehoking

Step into the world of the Lenapehok (Lenape people) and connect with the powerful guardian spirit, Mesinkw, through our Mesinkw Collection. Mesinkw is the bringer of peace, harmony, and balance to the animals and lands known as Lenapehoking, encompassing the states of NY, NJ, PA, and MA. Dive into the wisdom and teachings of Mesinkw, who encourages prayer, unity, and positivity among the Lenapehok, fostering a deep connection to their Creator and the love they receive.

Authentic Products Designed by Enrolled Lenape Citizens

Empowering Lenape Artists and Designers

Our Mesinkw Collection offers a range of apparel and accessories, all thoughtfully designed by enrolled citizens of federally recognized Lenape nations.

By supporting this collection, you directly contribute to the empowerment of Lenape artists and designers, allowing them to showcase their talent and share their cultural heritage.

Each product embodies the essence of Mesinkw, allowing you to carry the spirit of peace, harmony, and balance wherever you go.

Embrace Meaningful Fashion and Accessories

Discover Your Connection to Lenapehoking

From beautifully designed t-shirts and hoodies to stylish jewelry and accessories, the Mesinkw Collection has something for everyone seeking a deeper connection to Lenapehoking. Our products feature culturally significant symbols and imagery, serving as a reminder of the ancient wisdom of Mesinkw and the profound connection between humans, animals, and the land. Immerse yourself in the beauty and meaning of Lenapehoking and proudly showcase your support for enrolled citizens of federally recognized Lenape nations.